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Jonesboro DNA Diamonds

Keep Your Loved Ones With You FOREVER

Typically, diamonds are harvested, mined from the depths of the earth.
These diamonds are cut and polished in a standardized fashion and sold in masses at your local retail establishment.

While no one can deny the beauty of these gems,
itís inaccurate to say theyíre personal.

An Infinity Diamond is Different.

An Infinity Diamond is Made of


We gather the CARBON required to create a Diamond thatís unlike any other:

A Diamond that encapsulates your memories and your life.

A real, permanent symbol of the people you love and the relationships dear to your heart.

The most personal and precious gem in the world isnít found in the ground:

It is the Infinity Diamond you create with the people closest to you.

Keep Your Loved Ones With You FOREVER

A Customized Infinity Diamond makes the ideal Wedding Ring:
its color, cut, and contents are literal symbols of your individuality and unique character. Your Infinity Diamond is not just another piece of jewelry. Itís a statement of strength and personality, a Celebration of your Love..

Below is a video of the Process of Making an Infinity Diamond


An order is placed.

At this time, we collect your carbon sample and give you a diamond identification number.
Youíll be able to track your diamond at anytime throughout the process on our website in addition to receiving updates on its progress via e-mail.


Your sample is distilled.

Once we receive your hair, we turn your sample into a fine powder.
Using heat and other proprietary methods to remove other elements, pressure is added and weíre left with pure carbon in the form of graphite.


Carbon is put into the growth chamber.

To your graphite sample, other elements for the desired color and a microscopic seed diamond are added and placed into a growth chamber.


Temperature and pressure are added.

The growth chamber is placed into our High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) diamond machine, where immense pressure and high temperature are added. Here, the carbon atoms in the growth chamber align to form a rough diamond


Your diamond is cut, inspected and certified.

Your personal diamond is cut to your specifications. Every Infinity Diamond is individually and independently authenticated, inspected, measured, and graded by world-renown gemological laboratories. Your completed diamond is delivered to you, accompanied by your certified paperwork and certificate of authenticity.

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